Adventures of Superman 643 – dealing with it


The Aftermath to Sacrifice takes up Adventures of Superman 643 (Oct. 05), by Rucka, Carlos D’Anda, Kerschl, Morales, Smith and Wayne Faucher.


Wonder Woman has murdered Maxwell Lord, to prevent him from controlling Superman any further.  Superman has a very hard time accepting this, especially with Diana’s lack of remorse.


A couple of OMACs are launched as missiles, and the tension between Superman and Wonder Woman gets broken, as they have to split up to deal with them.  Superman discovers that there are people inside the OMACs.


Talking with Batman, he finds out that Batman is indirectly behind the OMACs, having constructed Brother Eye.  He built the satellite to spy on everyone, after learning how the League had Zatanna brainwash him. All the various threads building since Identity Crisis are coming together, and not making a pretty picture.

The story continues in the next issue.



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