Adventures of Superman 641 – an OMAC attacks


Adventures of Superman 641 (Aug. 05) is mostly a continuation of the Ruin storyline, although, as the cover proclaims, it also ties in to the current OMAC Project miniseries.  Rucka and Kerschl are the creative team.


Lupe Leocado has Pete Ross in for questioning. He denies being Ruin, which Leocado has no time, and roughs him up.


Clark comes to question Pete as well.  He is more convinced about Pete’s innocence, not in the least because Pete lets Clark know that he knows his secret identity.


Lois Lane has clearly adjusted to the role of Mrs. Superman, as she contacts Batman for information as part of her investigation into her shooting.


Emil Hamilton examines Ruin’s costume and weaponry, and expresses his doubts that Pete Ross could have created it.


Then the action begins, as the Parasites break out of their cells, and the energy drain affects other cells, leading to a riot in the prison.  An OMAC appears, and targets the Parasite twins, killing them.  But once the hubbub has died down, they see that Pete Ross has vanished from his cell.


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