Adventures of Superman 639 – Eclipso attacks


As if Superman didn’t have enough problems already, Eclipso is back in Adventures of Superman 639 (June 2005), in a story continued from the previous issue of Action, by Judd Winick, Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund.


The story picks up with Superman battling an Eclipsed scientist who is using one of Luthor’s super-suits.  This comprises much of the issue, but Superman eventually triumphs, and Eclipso vacates the body.


Coming home, Clark is surprised to find Lois writing a story blaming Superman for the fight.  Too late, he realizes that Eclipso has taken control of Lois Lane.  But by the time he figures this out, his anger has already been raised, and Eclipso takes over Superman.


The story concludes as Captain Marvel confronts the Eclipsed Superman.  The resolution occurs in the next issue of Superman.


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