Adventures of Superman 638 – Mxyzptlk gives Lois and Clark a baby


Mxyzptlk makes another unwanted appearance (well, for the character, not unwanted by me) in Adventures of Superman 638 (May 2005), as he allows Lois and Clark to see their future as parents, by Rucka, Clark and Lanning.


It begins as Lois suggests to Clark that they have a child, her recent shooting having kicked off her biological clock.  Mxyzptlk pops up to show them a potential future, in which they have a daughter.


The Justice League make a cameo, celebrating the birth.  But boy does Black Canary stand out.  Mxyzptlk should probably pay her a visit.


The story spans a number of years, allowing us to see Lara Kent grow up and adopt a super-identity of her own.  Ma and Pa Kent appear as doting grandparents.


Lara winds up battling, and defeating, Lex Luthor in an armor that comprises of bits of the super-suit, Xlim’s outfit, Doomsday, Brainiac, Adam Strange and even Starro.

It’s an entertaining pause in the Ruin storyline, which continues next issue.




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