Adventures of Superman 636 – Superman gets some harsh advice


Rucka, Rags Morales and John Dell III bring the events of Identity Crisis into the storyline in Adventures of Superman 636 (March 2005), as Superman meets with Batman and Wonder Woman.


Superman does manage to find and confront Ruin, but as he removes the villain’s mask, Ruin teleports away.


Batman and Wonder Woman come to meet with Superman as his tesseract Fortress.  Superman tells them both about Ruin, and how he knows how to cut off Superman’s powers temporarily, and is gunning for all of his friends.  The discussion about how to deal with him winds up leading to a discussion about the mind-wiping of Dr. Light.  As Wonder Woman (blinded after her recent fight with Medusa in her own book) was not part of the Justice League at that time, they recap the situation for her.


As this is going on, we see Lupe Leocado bringing Emil Hamilton to examine the Parasite twins.


Pete Ross pays a visit to Lois Lane.  He tells her that Lana Lang has filed for divorce, and doubts that she ever loved him.


Wonder Woman insists that Superman has no choice but to kill Ruin, in order to save those close to him.  Batman does not agree, but does suggest to Superman that Ruin is most likely Luthor.


Astonishingly, Batman is wrong.  Though as the issue ends, we see that Ruin and Luthor are working together.

The story continues in the next issue.


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