Adventures of Superman 630 – Mxyzptlk interrupts Ruin


Rucka, Clark and DeCastro bring back Mxyzptlk for a far more entertaining story than his last outing, in Adventures of Superman 630 (Sept. 04).


Ruin is seen for the first time, holding hostages to lure Superman out.  Ruin starts to fire an energy weapon at Superman, but then everything abruptly freezes.


It’s Mxyzptlk time!  I really like the notion that Mxyzptlk stops time for his arrival, and that the entire story takes place in a split second.  The imp plays around with the Matrix style, and then goes into Road Runner-type cartoony violence with Superman before getting around to his reason for coming.


He warns Superman of something big and dangerous coming, in about the goofiest way possible.  Needless to say, Superman is not moved by the threat.


Mxyzptlk leaves, and time is restored.  Superman gets taken down by Ruin’s energy blast, and the villain sends Xlim in for the kill.

The story continues in the next issue.


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