Adventures of Superman 633 – Ruin creates Parasites


Three months have passed in comic book time since the previous issue, as Rucka, Clark and Lanning continue with the Ruin storyline.  Enough time that Lois Lane considers herself healed, and is growing irritated with the constant attention of her mother.


Ruin invaded the hospital where the hostages had been taken, and abducted them right in front of Lupe Leocardo.  In this story, he completes transforming them into Parasites – one green and one purple, the two different colours the classic villain had been.


Lupe and Superman each take turns questioning Xlim.  Although he knows nothing about who Ruin is or where he might be, Superman does discover that Ruin knows all about his powers, and how to block them.


The story ends as the Parasites arrive at Lois Lane’s apartment, where Lucy and her young son Sam are.


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