Adventures of Superman 632 – he won’t leave Lois Lane’s side


Adventures of Superman 632 (Nov. 04) continues with the Ruin storyline, but Superman himself has other concerns in the Rucka, Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar story.


The story opens with a great shot, overlapping from the end of the previous issue, showing Superman flying around the world to Umec in the milliseconds after he hears Lois Lane get shot.


Ruin and Xlim are being taken to prison by the SCU.  Ruin explains his motivation for killing Superman, that the hero is slowly draining the sun, which will now perish in a few million years.  He sounds totally crazy, until he threatens the men in the van with him.  And, indeed, we later see that all those in the van have been killed, except for Xlim, who he left behind, still chained.


News reaches the Daily Planet about Lois Lane’s shooting.  Jimmy Olsen tells Perry White about it, and he calls Clark – who is really the Martian Manhunter, running interference for Superman, who is with Lois.


He stays with her in Umec while the doctors stop the bleeding, them flies her off to Dr. Mid-Nite to take care of.


And we see that in shooting Lois Lane, someone has taken Superman completely off the game board.  This ties in to events in Identity Crisis.

The story continues in the next issue.



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