Adventures of Superman 631 – Lois gets shot


Rucka, Clark, Guedes and Lanning have Lois Lane under fire in Umec in Adventures of Superman 631 (Oct. 04).


Superman is busy with Ruin and Xlim, with Lupe Locado and the SCU outside, and the hostages still in trouble.  This is all intercut with the troops Lois is with being pegged off by a sniper.


Ruin has a solar battery, which can drain Superman’s power, while Xlim is armed with a solar-based weapon as well.  But when ordered to kill the weakened Superman, Xlim does not, and fires at Ruin instead.


As Superman brings Ruin and Xlim out to the SCU,Lois gets shot.  Superman hears the sound, and immediately flies to Umec.

The story continues in the next issue.


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