Adventures of Superman 629 – Lupe Leocardo quickly forgives Superman


Lupe shows a few sides to her character in the Rucka, Guedes and Edde Wagner story in Adventures of Superman 629 (Aug. 04).


While Lois muckrakes among the troops in the Umec invasion, Superman joins Lupe and the SCU when another Replikon shows up.


Superman has enough time with this one to determine that it is the son of the other, and is being controlled by someone else.  He learns that this one is called Xlim, but then the SCU start firing, and things go out of control.


Superman yells at them to stop, and Xlim escapes.  Lupe is furious with him for countermanding her.


But she gets over her anger pretty fast, calling in Superman for a chat while she is in the bathtub, and making an obvious play for the hero.

The story continues in the next issue.



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