Adventures of Superman 628 – what happened to Replikon’s kids


Rucka, Nelson and DeCastro explore the mystery of Replikon as a new villain makes the scene in Adventures of Superman 628 (July 2004).  Hate that cover, though.


Lois Lane prepares to head to Umec, and calls on Wonder Woman to keep an eye on Clark while she is gone.  Make sure he remembers to eat and sleep.  It’s an endearing sequence.


Clark meets a new young reporter who simply isn’t putting in the effort or research, knocking off an article on Superman’s battle with Replikon without even going to the site. Clark pretends to do research, mentioning Replikon’s children, and the power unit he was wearing. She gets the picture.


Superman checks with John Stewart, the last person to have interacted with Replikon, and John takes Superman to their little planet.  They find the girl dead, and no sign of the boy.


But we see the boy, in scary looking gear, being addressed by some mad scientist.  This is Ruin, although not yet named.



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