Adventures of Superman 627 – Replikon attacks


Greg Rucka begins his run with Adventures of Superman 627 (June 2004), with Clark and DeCastro on the art.


Clark Kent has been transferred down to the crime beat, and meets Lupe Leocado, the new head of the Special Crimes Unit.  He is one of the reporters accompanying them on a patrol, and has the whole covering-the-identity thing when trouble starts.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane has uncovered information about a probably attack by Umec, a Middle Eastern country.  She convinces Perry White to let her go there in advance of American troops, but won’t let her take Jimmy Olsen with her.  Nevertheless, she tells Jimmy to pack.


Replikon is the villain in the story, an old Green Lantern enemy, not seen in well over a decade.  It is capable of duplicating the characteristics of anyone it encounters, and has most of the Justice League’s powers.  Usually it operates to find a secure place for its children, but in this story is on its own and on the attack for no clear reason.


Even more puzzling, it burns up at the end, after trying to communicate with Superman.

The story continues in the next issue.


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