Adventures of Superman 626 – the powers of an empireth, and Lois Lane’s day


Kelly, Turner, Caldwell and Gorder continue with Godfall in Adventures of Superman 626 (May 2004), as Superman finally gets out of Kandor.


Lyla Lerrol is in Metropolis, battling and defeating Brainiac.  She has taken on all of Superman’s powers, and is determined to be the one and only hero of Metropolis.  We learn that she is the most powerful form of telepath, an empireth.  Her entire body is telepathic, and her cells have read and duplicated those of Superman.  She is also completely able to control other people’s minds and perceptions.


She claims to have summoned many of Superman’s greatest enemies, but he knows that all of them are just more of her illusions.


Other Kandorians escape the bottle, but they are finding the atmosphere poisonous to them.  As the issue ends, Preus shows up to challenge Superman.

The story concludes in the next issue of Action.


Lois Lane gets the backup story in this issue, by Rucka, Clark and DeCastro.  It’s a silent story, except for the final panel, following Lois Lane on her daily routine, while she is clearly largely in her own thoughts.


It’s very simple, but powerful.


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