Adventures of Superman 625 – Superman and Lyla Lerrol on Krypton, and a new head of the Special Crimes Unit


Adventures of Superman 625 (April 2004) is the second chapter in the Godfall story arc, which sees Superman living on Krypton, with his wife, Lyla Lerrol, and their children.  Joe Kelly scripts, with Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell and Jason Gorder on the amazing art.


In the previous issue, in Superman, Kal had emitted heat beams from his eyes, to his surprise.  Lyla tries to convince him that he imagined it, but more powers manifest when their home comes under attack.


Fighting back, Kal accidentally freezes his children.  He tries to use heat vision to free them, but it doesn’t work, and they die.


Kal turns to his loving wife for support.  The picture pulls back, and we see that they are really in Kandor.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


This issue also contains a back-up story, a prologue of sorts to Greg Rucka’s run, with art by Matthew Clark and Nelson DeCastro.  The story introduces the new head of the Special Crimes Unit, Lupe Leocado.


She shows her stuff, calmly walking right up to a shooter and taking his gun from him.


The other SCU cops wonder if she is crazy or a meta.  She replies that she’s not a meta…

A damn good intro.


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