Adventures of Superman 624 – a different brand of the same product


Adventures of Superman 624 (March 2004) takes place after Superman’s disappearance at the end of Superman 200, as Abnett and Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Renato Guedes and Oclair Albert chart Majestic’s time in Metropolis.


Majestic saves Lois Lane, and does all that Superman would usually do in a story.


The B13 tech has gone crazy, causing problems all through Metropolis, a storm that threatens to destroy the city.  The Eradicator, who is not affected, because of his Kryptonian tech, works with John Henry Irons, his niece Natasha, who has taken the mantle of Steel, and Sueprboy to find a solution to the crisis.


Majestic takes down the Masters of Disaster, and is surprised at the way everyone acts if he is already known.  A number of people simply assume he is Superman with a new look.


Talking with Lois Lane, he relates his origin, which is totally parallel to Superman’s.  Seeing pictures of Superman, he realizes why everyone acts as if he is familiar.  He compares him and Superman to Coke and Pepsi.


Not certain if his dimension hop to this world is tied to the B13 tech, he tries to join the other heroes, but the Eradicator shoots him into the Phantom Zone, fearing that he could be more harm than good, no matter what his intentions.  But their attempt to calm down the B13tech fails dismally, and Majestic escapes from the shattering Zone.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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