Adventures of Superman 618 – buying a set


I don’t much care for the concluding half of the Mxyzptlk twins story, by Casey and Adlard, in Adventures of Superman 618 (Sept. 03).  There is no real sense of fun in this dark second half.


It does get explained that Mxyzptlk was the mystery man in the cell with Cole Parker, who changed him into the Persuader.  Although why he would do such a thing, and how the effect of the magic lasts when Mxyzptlk has left the dimension, are not fully explained.


Superman, the Justice League and the Titans are all shown trying to deal caused by the removal of gravity.  The Atom uses white dwarf star material, possessing such intense mass, channelled through the Green Lantern rings of John Stewart and Alan Scott to artificially restore gravity.


Superman “defeats” Mxyzptlk by agreeing to buy a set of encyclopedias.  That sort of makes sense, but there is, once again, no sense of fun to this, more like anger and bitterness.


There is a mild chuckle at the end, with a vast set of books.

There are a few more months of Casey stories, but I’m skipping over them. None involve major villains or anything significant.  Overall, this is not one of my favourite periods for Superman, which is probably why Heroville stood out so much for me.


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