Adventures of Superman 613 – the Superman Super-Store


Casey, Aucoin, Marzan and John Stanisci bring back the Funky Flashman for a really fun story the features Lois Lane, in Adventures of Superman 613 (April 2003).


The Major Victory storyline gets touched on right at the start, as Lois Lane gets the scoop on what little is known about the condition that has rendered him comatose.


The Funky Flashman, late of Mr. Miracle, has come to Metropolis to open a store selling Superman merchandise. The Superman symbol is in public domain, so the hero can do nothing about this, and Lois is just repulsed by what a shady operator Flashman is.


This is a Valentine’s Day story, so there is some really beautifully rendered romance between Superman and Lois.


And she’s the one to triumph over Flashman as well.  She meets with him a second time, and plants the seed in his mind to branch out into super-villain merchandise.  He loves the idea, claims its his own, and very publicly promotes his new line.


And just as Lois had counted on, the villains are not as tolerant of this as Superman was, and Captain Cold shuts Flashman down.


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