Adventures of Superman 608 – oodles of old villains


Overall I don’t care for the Ending Battle storyline, but I have to admit that the second chapter, which is in Adventures of Superman 608 (Nov. 02), is really very enjoyable.  Casey and Aucoin bring a whole host of old villains back, sending Superman hither and yon as he rushes to save the lives of many of his friends and acquaintances.


The big names are at the beginning and end of the issue.  The Atomic Skull blows up the Kents house, injuring Superboy as well, as he is living with them at this point. But Kon-El, as well as Ma and Pa Kent are all ok, if the worse for wear.


Quakemaster made a cameo in a Justice League America story about a decade earlier, but Casey did his background work, mentioning the fact that he was an architect before becoming a villain, a fact only related in his first appearance, in an issue of DC Special in the 70s.


The Hellgrammite is not so obscure, having appeared a few times in the Superman series in past years, but the Bug-Eyed Bandit was never a major player since the cancellation of the Atom’s series in the 60s.


Firefist is another bad guy who hasn’t been seen in years, one of the Blue Beetle’s enemies.


The Rat-Catcher shows up in Batman books from time to time, and is very creepy, even facing Superman.


And Hi-Tek is another Superman villain who never lived up to her potential.  King Shark goes after Jimmy Olsen as the chapter concludes.

Ending Battle continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.




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