Adventures of Superman 607 – Argent and Superman discuss alienness


Jay Faerber, Brandon Badeaux and Mark Morales are the creative team on Adventures of Superman 607 (Oct. 02).


The story features Argent, the most popular member from the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans.  She has come to Metropolis to discuss being an alien with Superman.  The latest Titans are all a mix of human and alien DNA, and Argent is not coping with this fact very well.  But as she expressed her concerns to Superman, she often winds up being insulting.


Superman has to dart off to deal with emergencies during their conversation, but towards the end Argent steps in, as a group of guys attack another for being different.  This infuriates Argent, who delivers a big speech about how focusing on people’s difference is destructive.  Essentially the same advice Superman had been giving her throughout the issue.


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