Adventures of Superman 605 – battling over the baby


Casey and Meglia conclude the Crime Syndicate storyline in Adventures of Superman 605 (Aug. 02).


The art in this story is extremely dynamic – which sort of helps make up for the relative simplicity of the plot.  Brainiac has made this body out of Ultraman’s skin cells, so he has the same powers, and weaknesses.  Brainiac intends to destroy this universe’s Earth, so that the other one will perish as well.


Superman fights to stop Brainiac, but not kill him, while the Crime Syndicate members have less compassion.


Owlman succeeds in bluffing Brainiac away, claiming to have white dwarf star material, the kryptonite equivalent for Ultraman.  To protect himself, Brainiac returns to the anti-Phantom Zone.


Superwoman follows the baby there, and in probably the best sequence in the storyline, acts all motherly to get close to the baby, and then kills it.




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