Adventures of Superman 604 – Superman vs Ultraman


The evil Superbaby storyline continues in Adventures of Superman 604 (July 2002), as Casey, Meglia, Sanford Greene, Francisco Herrera, Walden Wong and Carlos Cueva keep the manic destruction going.


Superman managed to get the baby into a tesseract, but Ultraman is able to penetrate it.  He has come to this dimension, travelling through the anit-Phantom Zone, to kill the child, and Superman spends much of this issue fighting to prevent him doing that.  Superman knows he has only 24 hours to stop Ultraman, before he gets shunted to the alternate dimension.


The Owlman and Superwoman show up.  One is lead to think they will join Superman in protecting their child from Ultraman.


But that is not what is going on at all.  Just as Owlman gets the baby and prepares to kill him, Brainiac reveals that he is now in complete control of this new body.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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