Adventures of Superman 601 – the new Persuader is born


The new Persuader gets his atomic axe in Adventures of Superman 601 (April 2002), thanks to Casey, Pete Woods and Marzan.


Lois Lane is still grieving over the death of her father, and leaves Clark a message explaining that she needs to be alone for a while.


That’s ok, she really isn’t needed in this story.  Cole Parker is the at the centre of this tale, still in prison after leading the Persuader revolt a few issues ago.  In the one element of the story that I really do not care for, a mysterious man is his cellmate, and uses some apparently magical powers to transform Cole, and turn an ordinary axe into the Persuader’s deadly atomic axe.

Who is this man?  What is his plan?  Beats me.  Unless it’s explained in a story I haven’t come across, this character, whose actions are so vital to this tale, is never really identified or explained.


Aside from that element, the story works well.  Cole looks very creepy as he escapes prison with his new friend, and rallies his disenfranchised comrades.


As the issue ends, the Persuader once again attacks the Daily Planet.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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