Adventures of Superman 600 – President Luthor is missing, the Metropolis dailies, and an iconic tale


Casey, Wieringo and Marzan pull off an impressive story in Adventures of Superman 600 (March 2002), although I really hate that cover.

Pete Ross has to step into the presidency yet again when Luthor goes missing.  He calls Superman onto the case.  The only lead they have connects his disappearance to Carloss, the organization of the disgruntled residents of Suicide Slum.


They have a new leader, a brilliant terrorist and rousing public speaker, who unites them in the cause of the common man, while blowing up train tracks and such.


Although it is ridiculously obvious as soon as the big reveal takes place, this is Luthor himself, although he is unaware of it.  I’m amazed I didn’t see it coming the first time I read this.  Talia Al Ghul brings the alien-free baby Lena to Lex, and he begins to regain his memory and personality, as she pulls off his wig.  A really interesting and well executed tale.


The issue also contains three supposed newspaper strips, one a Jimmy Olsen based series, one that has Superman as a science fantasy adventure, and a Bizarro cartoon.


There is another “story” of sorts at the end.  The Superman mythos is told in iconic phrasing, with beautiful full page panels by a variety of artists.


I really prefer this to the random galleries that often conclude these anniversary issues.


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