Adventures of Superman 597 – Pete Ross makes an executive decision


Adventures of Superman 597 (Dec. 01) is a Joker: Last Laugh crossover, by Casey and Aucoin.


The Joker has been infecting villains throughout the DC Universe with his Joker gas, and by the time the issue opens, Hope and Mercy have been Jokerized.  They in turn gas Lex Luthor, who goes on a manic election campaign in this tale.


Pete Ross, stepping into the presidency while Luthor is crazed, winds up calling out the mechanized Suicide Squad to take Luthor in, but Hope and Mercy, as well as Luthor, have little problem dispensing of them.


Superman spends his time trying to deal with the chaos the Jokerized Luthor is causing, has a hard time catching up with him.  As the issue ends, Pete Ross, with Lana Lang at his side, gives the order to have the Joker killed.

The story continues in both Superman – The Man of Steel, and Joker: Last Laugh.


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