Adventures of Superman 596 – the ruins of Lexcorp towers


Adventures of Superman 596 (Nov. 01) went on sale September 12th of that year, and one cannot assume that Casey, Wieringo and Marzan had any precognitive powers when crafting this epilogue to Our Worlds at War.


And yet, just as the story begins, we see the two towers of Lexcorp partly destroyed, an image that could only make one think of the World Trade Centre.


The story itself deals with the Justice League members Flash and Green Lantern helping in the rebuilding after the war, in locations around the Earth.  The Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man are co-ordinating the efforts, and wonder why Superman is not taking part.


Superman does investigate anomalous activity in Antarctica, which turns out to be the result of the Weather Wizard, creating a tape he intends to use in the Flash to get his son back.


Luthor heads to a site in Metropolis that is being rebuilt, and tries to publicly shame Superman for not helping out.  Superman defends his insistence that he cannot do everything for everyone, and is there to help in extreme circumstances, but not in everyday stuff.  Sounds a bit like an argument for not tipping.


But the workers share his views, leaving Luthor looking like the jerk in the situation.

Still, those towers at the beginning, and the actual events of September 11th, give this entire story a really weird vibe.

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