Adventures of Superman 595 – betrayals everywhere


Lots of plot twists as Our Worlds at War nears its conclusion in Adventures of Superman 595 (Oct. 01), by Casey, Wieringo, Marzan and Bill Sienkiewicz.


Apokolips and Warwold are both now in orbit near Earth, and Darkseid and his son plot their vengeance on Earth, after it launches an attack on them.


We learn that Superman survived the explosion at the end of the previous issue of Superman thanks to the sacrifice of Strange Visitor.


Luthor discovers that Lena has been working with Brainiac 13 all along, playing on his fatherly impulses, and now turning against him and teleporting away.


Warworld then launches an unexpected attack on Apokolips.  This was arranged by Grayven, who has been plotting to overthrow Darkseid and rule in his stead.


As the attack courses across Apokolips, there is a cameo by Young Justice members Robin, Lobo and the Secret.


Darkseid stomps on Grayven’s attempted coup, using his Omega beams to exile him.  Superman decides that he has to kill Brainiac 13.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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