Adventures of Superman 593 – a new Suicide Squad


Superman discovers that the military is putting together a new Suicide Squad in this Our Worlds at War crossover, in Adventures of Superman 593 (Aug. 01), by Casey, Wieringo and Marzan.


Superman comes across this by checking on missing villains, as Metallo, and then Plasmus get sent out after him.  As they battle, Superman sees that they are operating under the control of Manchester Black.


Lois Lane also comes across the same discovery, though through a different investigation.  And she is surprised to find that her father, now a high ranking official in the Luthor administration, is part of the team putting the new Suicide Squad together, working with Frank Rock and Amanda Waller.


I do love the sequences in which Chemo steps on and absorbs Superman.  It’s not much of a danger though, and Superman tosses Chemo into space.  But learning that Manchester Black is working with the US government, he has no choice but to leave them be.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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