Adventures of Superman 592 – playing video games with Jimmy Olsen


Casey, Mike Wieringo and Marzan bring back Strange Visitor in Adventures of Superman 592 (July 2001).


Superman finds her in some sort of trance, up in the atmosphere, which she is impacting in a really negative way.  At the same time, Jimmy Olsen and a couple of his friends are playing a new video game.


Strange Visitor has an attack, which causes all manner of disturbances to electronics – one of which is pulling Jimmy into the game he is playing.  It’s not a bad idea for a story, but could have played out in a more humourous way.  As it is, this is far more serious.


Superman deals with the problems in the real world, while Strange Visitor enters the game to help Jimmy.  But it’s still Superman who saves the day, pressing the reset button, which brings both Jimmy and Strange Visitor out of the virtual reality.


The story ends as Strange Visitor is found and taken by the troops of a mysterious woman.  For those who had been reading the Superman books, it’s fairly easy to identify this as Talia Al Ghul.


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