Adventures of Superman 588 – miserable people


Casey, Miller, Marzan and Wong conclude the Satanus storyline in Adventures of Superman 588 (March 2001).


Despite the deal Satanus made in the previous issue, it becomes apparent that the people of Metropolis are still under his spell.  Everyone, including Clark Kent, are bitter, cold and miserable -soulless.  Lois Lane seems immune, but this just means she is getting pissed off anyway because everyone is acting like such dicks.


Night Eagle shows up, and uses her magic to transport Lois into Satanus’ realm.


Superman has been imprisoned there, and does not even fight back.  Not until he sees Lois in Satanus’ hands.  That spurs him back into action.  And when he discovers that Satanus is still affecting the people in Metropolis, considers their deal null and void. Adversary also turns against Satanus, feeling like he is being used, as opposed to trained.  Together they escape Satanus’ realm, and without Adversary to draw off of, his spell ends.


The final page reveals that Night Eagle is really Blaze.  Were you surprised?  I wasn’t.  Seemed pretty obvious to me right from her first appearance.


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