Adventures of Superman 587 – Superman sells his soul


Joe Casey joins DeMatteis, Miller and Marzan on Adventures of Superman 587 (Feb. 01), as Satanus’ plans go into action.


Lucy Lane goes into labour in this issue, with Ron Troupe there for support, and Sam and Ella Lane there for added stress.  She delivers her mixed race baby as the issue ends.


Superman, Rampage and Thorn do all they can against Satanus, but find themselves dwarfed by his powers, which are operating on a scale larger than we have ever seen.  This is because he is drawing energy off the Adversary. While all this is going on, Night Eagle, a mysterious magical woman, meets with Lois Lane, letting her know about Satanus, who she calls the Deceiver.


In order to save Metropolis from Satanus’ powers, Superman offers Satanus his soul in exchange.  Satanus accepts the deal.

The story concludes in the next issue.




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