Adventures of Superman 585 – the Prankster recruits


Satanus plays a much more important role in Adventures of Superman 585 (Dec. 00), even though DeMatteis, Miller and Marzan keep him behind the scenes for much of the story.


The story opens as Kitty Faulkner finds herself pursued by Rampage – which makes no sense, as Rampage IS Kitty Faulkner.


But she is not the only person with a split identity in this tale.  The Prankster goes after Rose and Thorn, donning the entropy armor to take down the battling persona of the two.


Adversary kidnaps the brother of Encantadora, but has no idea why, or where he is taking the boy.


All this adds up to Satanus’ big scheme.  We see all those from the issue (except for Superman) assembled before him as the tale ends.


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