Adventures of Superman 582 – giant turtle Jimmy Olsen!


Adventures of Superman 582 (Sept. 00) continues with the Superman Arkham story, by DeMatteis, Miller and Marzan.  The issue itself is just loaded with craziness, and though the plot is far from clear, it’s so much fun one hardly cares.


Superman is struggling to exist in a world where Bizarro and his crew are in charge.  Though Supergirl and Scorch are featured on the cover, neither has a particularly large role in this issue


Jimmy Olsen gets turned into giant turtle boy, which is all the issue needs for me to love it, frankly.


Superman spends much of the issue in the hands of Lois Lane, who tortures him for information.  But Superman manages to break through her defenses (mind-control) when they briefly kiss.


Supergirl’s big scene comes right at the end, as she uses her angelic powers to come to Superman’s aid.  Or tries to, before being stomped by giant turtle Jimmy Olsen, who promptly eats Superman.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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