Adventures of Superman 581 – Luthor makes an announcement


Adversary returns, showing there is more to him than first appeared, in the DeMatteis, Mike Miller, Jose Marzan and Walden Wong story in Adventures of Superman 581 (Aug. 00).


Luthor holds a press conference to announce his run for presidency of the US.  Adversary appears out of nowhere, grabbing Luthor from between Hope and Mercy and taking off with him.  He has no real interest in Luthor, and has just taken him to lure Superman.


As Superman and Adversary fight, we also catch up with a few other villains.  Encantadora is shown tending to her little brother, and we get some background on the Prankster’s abusive childhood, and see him approached by a shadowy figure.


The Thorn also makes an appearance in the issue, taking on the gang that has come to dominance in the new Metropolis.


But it’s Adversary who really does stand out in this tale, showing power so great that he can take Superman down.  Oddly, after knocking him out, Adversary simply leaves.

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