Adventures of Superman 576 – the electric Superman returns


Following the events from the last issue of Superman, Y2K continues in Adventures of Superman 576 (March 2000), by Immonen, Millar and Marzan, as Brainiac 13 transforms Metropolis, and Superman as well.


While one cannot deny that Braniac 13 is doing some impressive things with Metropolis, people’s lives are at stake.  Brainiac 13 has taken control of Superman’s real body, converting him back into an energy form that can do little to affect or prevent his plans.


Lucy Lane got separated from Ron Troupe and Jimmy Olsen, but they find each other again in this issue.  Lucy had been finding excuses not to get married, but by the end of this issue is ready to say her vows.  Nothing like a little terror to get rid of the cold feet.


Hope and Mercy find Luthor, who has Lena with him, although his daughter is possessed by Brainiac.  They find the captive Superman, and Luthor orders Hope and Mercy to break him free, knowing that he is the only one who can stop Brainiac 13.  They do so, and once he is “unplugged,” his energy form dissipates, and his real body is back in action.

And Action is where the story continues.


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