Adventures of Superman 574 – Obsession proves her love


Immonen, Millar, Joe Phillips and Rich Faber bring back Obsession in Adventures of Superman 574 (Jan. 00).


The story takes place shortly after Superman was spotted wearing his wedding ring.  Rumours have spread like wildfire that Superman is married.  So Obsession decides to come back, wearing a matching outfit and playing up to the crowds that believe she is Mrs. Superman.


The drug that turns people into monsters is also back, and Superman and Obsession do their best to round the beasties up.  Obsession winds up sacrificing her life to save Superman.  How very Eponine.


The story also has a subplot about Lois Lane trying to convince her pregnant sister Lucy to work up the guts to talk to her parents.  Lucy is not sure if they will be more upset that she is pregnant, or that the father is Ron Troupe, and the baby might be black.

As the story ends, Obsession’s body is taken by the same mysterious man who was handing out the monster drug.


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