Adventures of Superman 573 – Superman saves a house


The storyline about Luthor wanting to tear down old Mr. Odetts house comes to a climax in Adventures of Superman 573 (Dec. 99), by Immonen, Mark Millar, Steve Epting and Rodier.  Great cover, and the art is good, but story is a snoozer.


Luthor gets a court order allowing him to take Odetts house away. At the very least he could tie the old man to the railroad tracks.


As Luthor presents the order to Odetts, Superman shows up.  He meets, and fights, Hope and Mercy, Luthor’s new bodyguards, for the first time.


Superman may not be able to save the house, but Clark Kent does.  Perry White runs a cover story in the back-again Daily Planet about the house, and with public support gets the place declared a historic landmark.




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