Adventures of Superman 570 – Superman – hero of Rann


Ron Marz, Tom Peyer, Grindberg and Palmer continue with a really interesting Superman story arc, from the previous issue of Superman, in Adventures of Superman 570 (Sept. 99).


Green Lantern makes things visually dynamic as he, the Flash, Steel and the Martian Manhunter head into space in search of the missing Superman.  He has been captured by aliens who have him strapped to a machine, experiencing alternate realities, though the reason behind this is not yet clear.


This story immerses us, and Superman, in the classic situation on Rann, with Adam Strange’s supporting cast, Sardath and his daughter Alanna.  But in this story Superman (called Skyforce) is the hero of Rann.  And there is no romance at all between him and Alanna.


But then Sardath’s zeta-beam experiments go wrong, and Adam Strange gets teleported from Earth to Rann.  Alanna falls for him immediately.  Sardath makes Strange out to be an invader, sending Skyforce after him.


But the men talk more than fight, and Alanna decides to go to Earth after the zeta-beam charge on Adam wears off.

The story continues in the next issue of Action, as the aliens put Superman on Thanagar.


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