Adventures of Superman 568 – Lois Lane defends Superman


Superman – King of the World is over but the repercussions are felt in Adventures of Superman 568 (June 199), by Louise Simonson,, Tom Morgan and Denis Rodier.


Luthor gets Lois Lane to arrange a live tv interview with Superman, so that he can explain his actions.  Lois wonders what Luthor is really up to.  We see that he had Metallo’s head stolen from Stryker’s Island, and plans to turn the interview into his own anti-Superman show.


Metallo is released at the airport, and when Superman finds out, rushes off to deal with him.  Outburst shows up to help as well.  With no Superman, Lois takes to speech making, presenting a much better defense of Superman than the hero likely would have made himself.


Superman removes Metallo’s head, encasing it in fused sand-glass, while Luthor fumes that his poorly thought out plot failed.



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