Adventures of Superman 567 – Dominus triumphant


Superman – King of the World moves towards its resolution in the Kesel, Ordway, Paul Ryan and Rodier story in Adventures of Superman 567 (May 1999).


Superman survives the destruction of the Fortress, after Lex Luthor dropped the top of Lexcorp Towers onto it.


Up in space, Luthor is quite proud of his success with this, and using Outburst as his tool.  He leaves the boy to die, and begins to head back to Earth, but gets attacked by more Superman robots.


One of the robots does not participate in any of this, instead being devoted to keeping Lois Lane safe.  She gets the robot to bring her to the remains of the Fortress.


Before they arrive, Superman has his big battle with Dominus.  Because Dominus can control his perception of reality, Superman enters a trace state, and allows the battle suit to fight for him.  Good idea, but it doesn’t work.  At the end, Dominus not only defeats Superman, but also takes on his appearance, and his life.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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