Adventures of Superman 564 – Superman dreams of a meltdown


Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier return in Adventures of Superman 564 (Jan. 99), as Superman has a nightmare about a nuclear meltdown, as pictured on the cover.


Assuming it was just a dream, he spends most of the issue dealing with Mr. Odetts, who refuses to sell his house to Luthor for the Hypersector development.


The former Planet staff members gather for lunch at Big Belly Burger, filling us in on their job prospects, or lack thereof.  Jimmy has no major dirt for Perry White.  Ron Troupe and Lucy Lane are also struggling, while Lois does what she can to help.


The story ends as Superman learns about a nuclear meltdown in Markovia, but gets there too late to do anything about it.  Geo-Force shows him the devastation and death it brought about.


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