Adventures of Superman 563 – the Cyborg Superman rules in Kandor


Adventures of Superman 562 (Dec. 98) concludes a story arc that sees Scorn return to Kandor, along with Ashbury Armstrong and the Cyborg Superman. Ron Marz, Tom Grindberg and Tom Palmer are the creative team, who have imprisoned Superman for the murder of Kandor’s leader (and Scorn’s father).


The Cyborg impersonated Superman to commit the public assassination, and then as himself captured Superman, and positions himself to become the new ruler of the bottle city.


But Ashbury frees Superman, who reveals the truth.  There is some lovely art on this, as Superman and the Cyborg fight at the dimensional interface.  Superman leaves the Cyborg trapped between dimensions.


Scorn is meant to ascend to the throne following his father’s death, but Ashbury begs him to return to Metropolis.  Scorn’s sister takes the throne, and Superman brings the others back home.


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