Adventures of Superman 562 – the Daily Planet shuts down


The Daily Planet gets shut down by Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier in Adventures of Superman 562 (Oct. 98).


The staff watch the globe being taken down, as they debate why so few of them kept their jobs.  Lois Lane and Simone DeNeige are still employees, as is Jimmy Olsen.  Jimmy ponders quitting, but Perry White tells him to stay on, be his eyes and ears in the new company.  Ron is off to try to find work, while Clark decides to work on another novel.


We discover that this is really bad news for Ron, as Lucy Lane is pregnant. Jimmy manages to not only reveal to Lucy that he knows about it, but also is the one to inform Lois that her unwed sister is going to have a baby.


There is some Intergang action in the tale, with Machine Gun and Torcher breaking out of prison, trying to make their way back to Dabney Donovan’s lab.


Machine Gun gets shot to bits by the police, so Torcher immolates them both.  Dabney Donovan wonders what all the ruckus is, and wanders out and right into the waiting arms of the police.


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