Adventures of Superman 560 – Superman’s brother helps out


Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier pull off another great Silver Age style story in Adventures of Superman 560 (Aug. 98), although this one bears more resemblance to a World’s Finest story.


The Toyman makes a cameo at the start of the tale, being carted off to prison, as Superman finds out that Lois Lane has started dating Batman.


Superman feels jealous, but before he can do anything about it, Jimmy Olsen finds a chunk of red kryptonite in his caramel corn.  Oh no!


The red kryptonite gives Superman a giant bulbous head, and he has to find a way to conceal this, so as not to reveal that he is Clark Kent.


Batman winds up helping out, impersonating Superman. But by this point Superman has had enough of his interference, and confronts him.  Batman is puzzled.  Why would Superman not want his help?  They are brothers, after all.


Batman reminds Superman how the Kents adopted both of them, and they grew up together.  The flashbacks have Lana Lang falling for both of them in high school, and Bruce Wayne adopting the Robin identity to save Superboy from Luthor.


The story gets even more bizarre when Jor-El and Lara show up, to take Superman back to a Krypton that never exploded.


As the issue ends, Batman is revealed to be the mysterious little girl, who in turn is revealed to be Kismet.  What is going on?

Some answers are given in the next issue of Action.


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