Adventures of Superman 1,000,000 – Resurrection Man protects the Fortress


Adventures of Superman 1,000,000 is part of the DC One Million crossover event, and sees Superman in the 853rd century, trying to get into his Fortress.  Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning script, with William Rosado and Larry Mahlstedt on the art.


Since Superman, in that time period, had abandoned Earth and taken up residence in the Sun, the Fortress is being guarded by Resurrection Man, now with really long hair.  Mitch Shelly is not convinced that Superman is who he claims to be, but after some mandatory fighting, he believes him.


Shelly fills Superman in on the machinations of Solaris and Vandal Savage, tricking the population into thinking the time travelling Justice League members are Bizarro duplicates.


Resurrection Man calls on Justice Legion B to help, but Solaris takes control of Arsenal, who turns the equipment in the Fortress against them.

Not the best of the One Million crossovers. The Superman plot continues in Man of Tomorrow one million, while Resurrection Man goes on to the one million issue of his own book.


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