Adventures of Superman 558 – the Silver Age Superman returns


Following the events of Superman Forever, each of the four Superman books begins charting tales from what appears to be different realities, and Kesel, Ordway, Steve Yeowell and Rodier take on the Silver Age.


It’s a goofy and light-hearted story, which opens with Superman and his buddies Supergirl, Superboy and Steel tossing a satellite around the world, until Krypto catches it.


Jimmy Olsen disappears after carrying some isotopes, and returns as an alien, with the power to turn things into gold.


We get to see Lucy Lane in the classic stewardess look, as well as one of the great old Thought-Beasts from Krypton.


Luthor kidnaps the alien, who uses the signal watch to alert Superman.  The alien turns out not to be Jimmy at all, he just stole his clothes.

A delight.


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