Adventures of Superman 556 – the Millennium Guard get free, and Jimmy Olsen impresses Misa


Superman Red and Superman Blue each have their own stories in Adventures of Superman 556 (March 1998), although Karl Kesel is the scripter on both.


Grummett and Rodier are the art team on the first story, as Superman Red and the Guardian deal with the restored Millennium Guard, who have broken out of Cadmus. The older version of the Newsboy Legion cameo as well.


Much of the story consists of the battle Superman Red has with the Guard.  He does his best, but is completely outmatched.


Luthor discovers that the Contessa is back among the wakeful, having escaped from the hospital he was holding her at.


Ron Frenz and Josef Rubenstein are the team on the Superman Blue story.  He is with Jimmy Olsen and Misa, as they encounter a giant troublesome alien.  Misa is getting tired of always having to save Jimmy.


But as Superman Blue and the military fight with the giant, Jimmy figures out that it is really a child, looking to play.


He rides his cycle right up to the giant, and they play together until the creature is calm and can be subdued.  Misa is really impressed.  Superman Blue probably would be as well, except the Guardian lets him know about Superman Red’s unsuccessful battle with the Millennium Guard, and Blue flies off to help.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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