Adventures of Superman 553 – facing the Millennium Guard


Scorn gets the cover of Adventures of Superman 553 (Dec. 97), part of the Faces of the DC Universe covers.


The story continues from the last issue of Superman, as Kesel, Grummett and Rodier have Superman struggling against the three godlike members of the Millennium Guard.


Jimmy Olsen is still on the run for his life, having hooked up with Scorn and Ashbury Armstrong.  They are in the Wild Area, and run into Misa, who joins them, running interference with her bag of high tech tricks.


Superman and the Millennium Guard cross paths with Jimmy and his group, and together they lead the Guard members into Cadmus, where they get sealed into an energy-proof vault, returning to the “dragon’s tooth” forms they began as.  The Guardian expects to take Misa back to her parents, but she uses another device to teleport her, Jimmy, Scorn and Ashbury away.



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