Adventures of Superman 551 – with the Cyborg Superman at the Source Wall


Though the cover of Adventures of Superman 551 (Oct. 97) does not announce it, the Jurgens, Grummett and Rodier story in this issue is a Genesis crossover, as Superman heads to Source Wall after finding out that it has been breached.


There he discovers the Cyborg Superman, believed dead after his last encounter with Green Lantern, a few months earlier.  Hank Henshaw’s origin and history are recapped at length in the story.


He survived his apparent death by merging with the Wall, but was unable to leave the location, as nothing ever survives approaching it.  The rend in the Wall was caused by him intentionally to draw someone he could “hitch” a ride on.  Superman suspects as much, and works to close the gap in the Wall, while preventing the Cyborg from making contact.


Superman believes that he has triumphed, and sealed the Cyborg Superman inside the repaired Wall, reporting as much to the gathered heroes.  But as he heads out with Highfather, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Superboy, Supergirl Impulse, the Flash, Steel, Green Lantern, Artemis and Metron to face the Genesis Wave head on, we see that the Cyborg Superman has concealed himself in Superman’s costume.

The story continues in the next issue of Genesis.


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