Adventures of Superman 548 – secrets revealed and not


Lots of interesting little scenes in Adventures of Superman 548 (July 1997), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


The story begins as an epilogue to Superman and the Atom’s visit to Kandor.  Look, it even says epilogue in the first narration box.  But I don’t mind, I love that Stalinesque Kandor statue.


Scorn and Ashbury have become constant companions, with him running all the interference she might need.


Superman finds out that his new uniform was made by a Lexcorp subsidiary, and demands to know if Luthor is behind his power changes.  The scene gets interrupted by the Contessa, who fakes going into labour.


Superman gets a visit from the Phantom Stranger, who lets Superman know that his power shift is part of a much bigger event, like the next big crossover story.


The story closes on Saviour, as he looks at images of Scorn and the electric Superman, and decides to get rid of these pretenders.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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