Adventures of Superman 547 – Superman and the Atom in Kandor

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan send Superman into the bottle city of Kandor, with the Atom as his travelling companion in Adventures of Superman 547 (June 1997).


We get to see Emil Hamilton’s large collection of robotic arms, suitable for any occasion.  Superman comes over so that Emil can run some tests on him, as there is still no explanation for his extreme power change.


While he is there, they see on the monitor that Kandor has descended into civil war.  Superman decides he needs to go into the bottle, but Hamilton is not sure how to shrink his energy form.  So Superman calls on the Atom, de-aged in Zero Hour and currently a member of the Teen Titans.  Prysm and Joto cameo.


They solve the shrinking problem, and enter the bottle city.  The visuals inside Kandor are great.


While Superman and the Atom get all caught up in the problems in Kandor, which are followed in the next issue of Action Comics, Scorn seeks out Ashbury, having adopted a Superman costume of his own.


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